Simultaneous logins

With Simultaneous logins, you can limit how many simultaneous logins your viewers can have when using a single account, thereby preventing the sharing of credentials.

Although the most common way to market this to viewers is as a “device limitation”, the limit is actually browser tab-based, meaning one browser tab counts as one log in. This means a viewer cannot surpass the limit even on a single device, and even on the same browser (by using multiple tabs.)

You will find the Simultaneous logins feature in the Authentication tab of the Dashboard settings.

To limit the logins, just enter the maximum number of active sessions in the field.

As soon as a viewer surpasses that number, they will be logged out of the first session they’ve logged into. The log out will happen immediately, without the need for the viewer to refresh their page.

The default setting is blank, which means there are no restrictions on the number of simultaneous logins.

Note that if you are using multiple OAuth apps, the concurrent session setting will work per single OAuth app.

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