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Our platform facilitates a quick and secure viewer data migration, including migration of the viewer payment data and subscriptions. This enables you to transfer your viewers over to InPlayer without interrupting their access or making them re-purchase their passes.

Usually, a period of about 2 weeks needs to be allotted for a migration.

This article provides a general breakdown of the usual migration process. To discuss any details, make sure to contact your InPlayer account manager, or send us an email at clients@inplayer.com.

Viewer account migration

This migration consists of importing and creating viewer accounts.

The processing time is around 15 workdays.

When migrating user accounts, the following viewer information is required (as a CSV file) :

  • Name,
  • Email address,
  • Passwords (optional)
    The following encryptions are supported
    • bcrypt
    • unsalted md5
    • unsalted shal
      InPlayer uses md5 encryption, so this is a preferred encryption format.
  • Any other viewer metadata you want to transfer over.

If you are unable to provide the viewer passwords for whatever reason, or if the password encryption of your old platform is anything other than bcrypt, unsalted md5, or unsalted sha1, we can still migrate the accounts, but they would need to set up new passwords when logging in for the first time. Note that we do not support salted password encryptions.

Content entitlement (Access) migration

This migration consists of granting access to viewer accounts that have already been created either as part of the Viewer account migration or in some other way.

The processing time is around 7 working days.

For this migration, the following information is required (as a CSV file):

  • List of viewer accounts (InPlayer viewer account ID or email) that need to be granted access,
  • The assets or packages to which access should be granted,
  • Access expiration date for each viewer. If you are unable to provide the individual access information for whatever reason, we can simply grant all viewers the same access that will be set to expire on a certain date.

Subscription migration

This migration is the most complete one since it provides a seamless transition of your viewers’ payments and subscriptions from your old platform to InPlayer.
This enables you to keep charging your viewers without interruption and without asking them to provide their payment details again.

The processing time is around 15 working days.

There are two scenarios for this migration, depending on the payment processor that was used on your old platform.

With this migration the following points should be kept in mind:

  • Only viewer payment details can be migrated between payment processors, and not the actual subscriptions. Once the payment details are migrated, InPlayer creates subscriptions for the viewers with a free-trial period until the next rebill date.
  • You shouldn’t cancel any subscriptions on the old payment processors until the migration is complete on InPlayer’s end.
  • When the migrated subscriptions are being created in the InPlayer platform, the free trial and subscription creation emails viewers would normally get will be disabled so viewers will not get notified about the creation of their new account and subscription. This is to make the transition as seamless as possible. But this could be changed upon your request.

Below is a breakdown of the migration process depending on the payment processor that was used on your old platform.

Stripe (Card, iDeal, Direct Debit)

Stripe is the credit card payment processor used by InPlayer. If you used Stripe on your old platform, the payment information can be transferred very easily.
This usually takes from 3 to 5 business days.

Other payment processors

In this case, a direct connection between the two systems needs to be made so they can exchange the required information.
This usually includes providing the following info:

  • Credit card details (in an encrypted format),
  • Account IDs,
  • Transaction IDs,
  • SCA Transaction IDs/information,
  • Any other metadata that was pushed to the payment processor.

The data flow during the info transfer is:

  1. The old processor first transfers the info to Stripe via a SFTP server.
  2. Stripe transfers the info to InPlayer.

It can take anywhere from a few days, to a few weeks for the previous payment processor to transfer the data to Stripe. After that, the aforementioned period of around 15 workdays needs to be allotted for the actual migration process.

Note that payment or subscription history cannot be migrated between payment processors.

After a successful payment details migration, the creation of the subscriptions in the InPlayer system can be done.

Subscription migration can only be done for users with an active credit card subscription.

For subscription creation, the following viewer info is required:

  • Email address,
  • Old account ID (or any unique account identifier Stripe will be importing from the old payment provider),
  • Subscription amount,
  • Subscription currency,
  • Subscription billing frequency,
  • Free trial availability,
  • Last billing date,
  • Next billing date.

To discuss the details of the migration process, make sure to contact your InPlayer account manager, or send us an email at clients@inplayer.com.

To learn more, you can also download our migration guide here.